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Taking the mystery out of Google rankings

I work with micro to small businesses offering Sunshine Coast websites aimed at a page 1 ranking in your local area for your desired keywords.

Plus for the more computer savvy owner operator I offer one on one training in SEO, so you can DIY for your sites success.
Saving money and taking the mystery out of Google rankings!

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Do you need a website that not only looks good, but can be found on Google? I create your website with all the foundation SEO needed to target your customers, in your area giving you a better chance at being found online.


Are you a computer savvy owner operator? Would you looking to learn more about Google rankings and how you can achieve success?
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My SEO journey

" An active online presence for your business as well as a website that not only looks good, but can be easily found online is vital for all local business."

Debra Patti Lawson

Having started in sales when I was 14 years old, I always had a passion for what sells and to whom, hence my love of marketing began early!

After managing many different retail outlets at the start of my career, I got a strong sense of what people look for and the thought processes involved in their purchases. Fast forward a decade and along comes the internet explosion! I had moved into an online business, I finally had my own store and sure, my website looked good, I had an old pal who whipped up a Dream Weaver site, but then it dawned on me! "No one could find it!" But why and how?


So in 2006 I began my search and subsequent education into Google Algorithms and how rankings are achieved. That accidental discovery led to a career move I didn't know I needed, and following this I eventually became ‘The SEO Girl’, an SEO consultant and ongoing SEO manager for many small businesses in Victoria. I have always been a big believer in ‘White Hat’ practices, so organic SEO became my specialty.

Prior to The SEO Girl, I started out working for a marketing company carrying out website analysis for their clients. This included analysing the site to see how it could be improved upon for user friendly navigation purposes and for maximum visual impact. Now it's nice that users clicked into these sites, but on top of that, I began to question “Had the site been making full use of its ranking opportunities?” That's where my passion for search engine optimisation came into it! I love helping people understand Google rankings, how it works and how to gain success online.

I have since built websites, optimised new and existing sites, trained companies on how to DIY SEO and worked with business owners on their Facebook business pages. Contact me today for more information on my SEO DIY training sessions or for a new website built for you with your ranking success in mind.

I am located on the Sunshine Coast.



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For more information on a Sunshine Coast Website or SEO DIY Training, please contact me through the form below or Facebook.